From the history of the festival


"A white stork is flying

Above the woodland, on a quiet stubble ..."

The image of this proud and gentle birds closely associated with Homel land. Smoothly soaring high in the sky majestic storks symbolize security, tranquility and comfort.
And not by chance the image of a flying stork was the emblem of the International festival of choreographic art "SOJSC Karagod" that gathers in September in the city of Gomel fans of dance from many countries.
Creative way of festival is unique. The origins of the festival originated in 1997. Established by the Ministry of culture of the Republic of Belarus, Gomel regional Executive Committee Gomel city Executive Committee, the international festival of choreographic art "SOJSC Karagod" has attracted the attention scale of the event, number of participants from different countries, atmosphere of friendship and bright talents scale events.
The purpose of this dance forum is the development of choreographic art, the expansion and strengthening of creative connections, the interaction of national cultures of different peoples.
Active participation in the festival are accepted by creative collectives of countries like Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria, France, Poland, Serbia, Italy and others.
The festival in Gomel always comes to the numerous number of guests, including sister cities: Radom (Poland), Huan (China), Aberdeen (Scotland), Burgas (Bulgaria), Clermont-Ferrand (France), Liepaja (Latvia), the Russian cities of Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Bryansk, Kursk, Nizhniy Novgorod, Surgut, Nizhniy Novgorod, Ukraine – Chernihiv, Donetsk, Saki, Shchors, etc.

Traditionally the festival is held the international tournament on sports ballroom dances "Golden lynx".

A true decoration of the International festival of choreographic art "SOJSC Karagod"" are the performances of the best professional dance and theater groups.

High professional level of the festival made him a good name. Tremendous support in the financial support of the festival by sponsors – businesses, organizations, individuals.
International festival of choreographic art "SOJSC Karagod" is gaining momentum and becoming a real forum of unity of the peoples, where the lingua Franca is the language of dance accessible and understandable to everyone. Creativity creates an atmosphere of friendship, peace and understanding.
Skill, inspiration, beauty and grace is "SOJSC Karagod"!

Welcoming Gomel eagerly awaits the participants and guests of the festival.