Sovetskaya str., 24

The two-storey building is located on the red line of Sovetskaya Street, its side facades adjoin other buildings. The asymmetrical facade is constructed by dividing it by blades and pilasters vertically, and belts and cornices horizontally. The wall of the main façade is arranged by the blades: on the first floor they are decorated with rustication, on the second floor - on them are compositions of shallow niches of complex shape. The niches formed by the blades on the ground floor contain window showcases, the first floor has pairs of windows separated by small (window height) pilasters. The vaults of the window apertures on the first floor are slightly curved and decorated with a keystone. Window sills in the form of paired rectangular niches, openwork inset blades and pilaster bases are combined into one belt.

The entrance to the building is offset from the centre to the right and is also marked by blades. Between the entrance and the right corner there is a double window. Originally at this location there was a driveway to the courtyard area. Above the entrance to the building, in place of a single window, a balcony was once placed, which was also a canopy over the entrance to the building.

The visual border between the floors is a narrow profiled cornice. The facade of the building is crowned with a complex arching cornice with thickenings in the places where the blades join. The axis, on which the entrance to the building was located, was probably marked out by an attic at the level of the roof, and the blades were topped by bollards, between which a metal fence was placed.

In the second half of early XXth century Sovetskaya street (former Rumyantsevskaya street) became the main street of the city, where the main commercial, business and social life was concentrated. Apart from accommodation in 1-3 storey buildings which belonged to private individuals there were numerous stores, hotels, catering establishments, profitable houses where the ground floor was occupied by trading and business enterprises, while the premises on the other floors were rented as apartments. This was also the function of the building at the turn of the XIXth-XXth centuries that was erected at 24, Sovetskaya Street. The ground floor of the building was for public use, while the first floor was used as a dwelling.

During the Great Patriotic War the building was destroyed at all. In 1948 the building was restored and its appearance slightly changed. Its facade was asymmetrical unlike the original one. After the reconstruction and until 1960 the building housed an agricultural bank. Nowadays it is used for various institutions.