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Lenin Avenue, one of the main streets of Gomel, connects the station to the centre of the city - Lenin square and the famous in Belarus, the Palace and Park ensemble. In the XIX century it was castle street. Time has not preserved authentic architectural monuments of the time - war of 1941-1945 destroyed the city almost completely. But Gomel was able to restore it to its former beauty.

The square named after V. I. Lenin city centre. Bright and spacious, it is adjacent to shady a Park which is like a reliable defender, encircles it from the South. Gomel Park two hundred years. He's part of the Palace and Park ensemble, which is in Russia in the XVIII and XIX centuries, the names of the Rumyantsevs and the Paskeviches. The owners of noble estates have collected here samples of different and interesting trees. For two centuries under the supervision of caring gardeners and the trees grew luxuriantly in the Park. Hulne through the shady alleys can be an interesting journey. You went down to the Swan pond and the river, walk along the promenade, feeling the power and the inaccessibility of steep banks above the head. A thousand years ago there was a settlement of the ancient Slavic tribe of Radimichi, and you realize how well it was protected by a high Bank and the impassable forest wilds around. The center of the Park, which are all the alleys and paths, is a magnificent Palace, a specimen of classical architecture of the XIX century. Not far, near the North course in the Park, rises majestically the Cathedral of saints Peter and Paul, built by count Nikolai.P.Rumyantsev, a famous statesman in nineteenth-century Russia. Close to numerous Golden domes gleaming chapel-burial vault of the Paskevich princes, who owned the estate in the XIX - early XX century. Outside the Park, one of the oldest streets of the city, is located renovated in the late XX century summer house N.P.Rumyantsev. From Lenin square straight beam is oriented to the North, beyond the street Soviet. Homes in three to five high floors, solid administrative buildings attract the eye columns, stone balconies, stucco decorations in the style of a bygone era. This former Rumyantsev street. Bright and cosy, she comes to a leisurely walk, relaxing in small cafes. Continuing her way down the street Soviet, from the round of the circus you come in during the second half of the twentieth century. Multistory building of glass and concrete, which in the beginning of the street was a rare and neat patches, now unfolded in all its power until the end of Gomel. Gomel - one of the largest cities of Belarus. Most of the population lives in the modern neighborhoods. Each district has its own face, this is manifested in the architectural features and the design of the streets. On the left Bank of the river Sozh is one of the oldest areas of the city - Factory. The way to Gomel from the South runs through this cozy green area, connected with the main part of the city's three bridges. Two hundred years ago, Belitsa was the administrative center of Gomel, the former private residence of count P. A. Rumyantsev. In the mid-nineteenth century administrative authority settled in Homel; but the spirit of independence and today felt in the area.