1920 – 1997

Hero of the Soviet Union

He was born on 17 October 1920 in the village of Dubovo (now Chaplyginsky district of Lipetsk region). In the Armed Forces from September 1940 - a Red Army gunner, and from September 1942 - a commander of the branch of the airborne brigade. He graduated from the Battalion Par-Trading Committee Courses, the Training and Retraining Courses for Political Personnel of the Southern Group of Forces, and the Military-Political Academy. V.I. Lenina. In the battles for the village of Mishurin Rog a mortar sergeant Peter Strekalov killed 120 fascists. In another operation, while scouting the enemy’s firing points, the Strekalov and three scouts were surrounded. But courageously, they destroyed the Germans. Strekalov withdrew a group of scouts from the encirclement and delivered valuable information to the command of the unit. For the semilitary exploits Peter Semenovich Strekalov was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union by a decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on December 20, 1943. After the Victory, Petr Strekalov continued his service in the Soviet Army. He graduated from the Military-Political Academy in 1953. Since 1968 Colonel Strekalov has been in reserve. He lived in the city of Gomel. He worked at the car base of the Oblast. He was also a member of the scientific-methodical council of the «Knowledge» society and the central committee of DOSAAF of Belarus. He generously donated time for interaction with youth. As director of the club of the future officer, where there were more than one hundred and fifty people, he prepared them for admission to military schools.

P.S. Strekalov was awarded the Orders of Lenin, Patriotic War I and II Classes, two Orders of the Red Star, medals. The school building in the village of Dubovo and in the city of Zheleznogorsk has erected memorial boards in honor of Hero. Strekalov Pyotr Semenovich – Honorary citizen of Shatursky district.