Outdoor advertising in Gomel



State enterprise "GGIC"

246017 Gomel, Krasnoarmeyskaya street 34a

Director – Blintsov Alexander

tel 34-02-80

Department of outdoor advertising: tel\f. 34-11-79, 34-03-27

Legal counsel: phone 34-16-67

Accounting: tel 26-06-95

Municipal production unitary enterprise "Gomel city information center" (State enterprise "GGIC") provides: acceptance of applications based on the application of the principle of "One window" registration and approval at the meeting of the Executive Committee of the passports of outdoor advertising, registration of means of outdoor advertising, registration on behalf of the city Council of contracts for the provision of outdoor advertising and the right use of the urban environment for advertising purposes, the collection of funds in the budget for the use of urban space, inspection of technical condition and aesthetic appearance of the technical means of outdoor advertising.
State enterprise "GGIC" in their work on placement of outdoor advertising is governed by the law of Belarus "On advertising" dated may 10, 2007, by resolutions of the Council of Ministers of Belarus of 22 November 2007 № 1497 "On the implementation of the law of Belarus "On advertising". These documents for all regions of the country approved the unified procedure for placement of objects of outdoor advertising on application principle "One window", the procedure for the levying of charges for the use of city space for advertising purposes, taking into account all reduction factors, the structural unit to perform the above functions. Normative documents developed a unified procedure for approval of advertising before it is made public. Breach by the advertiser, the advertisement, the advertisement of the legislation on advertising shall entail imposing a fine in the amount from 20 to 50 basic units (article 12.15 of the administrative code).
State enterprise "GGIC" made the account and certification of all outdoor advertising in the territory of the city of Gomel, the state signed a contract for the use of city space for advertising purposes. Passport outdoor advertising necessarily approved at the meeting of the Executive Committee. Weekly employees of Department of outdoor advertising carry out a detour of the city to inspect the technical condition and aesthetic appearance of outdoor advertising.