The Homel city tsge


Our address: 246007, Gomel, Sovetskaya str., 143
Reception chief physician : 25-49-12, Fax: 25-63-37
The email address for the complaints of citizens:
the website of the institution:

Start of working day: 8 hours.00 min.
The end of the working day: 16 hours.30 min.
Lunch break: 13.00-13.30
Closed: Saturday, Sunday
Saturday duty technician at reception: 9.00 to 15.00

Chief state sanitary doctor of Gomel

Ruban Mykola Maksymovych

Deputy chief physician

Mikhalevskijj Alexander Mikhailovich

Stepanikova Svetlana

In the state establishment "the Gomel city center of hygiene and epidemiology" on working days (Monday - Friday) work "hot lines":

- food safety - 25-49-19;

- prevention of infectious diseases - 25-49-34;

- maintenance of residential and public buildings, the safe drinking water, hygienic aspects of protection from pollution of water, ground - 25-49-27;

- observance of working conditions at industrial enterprises hygienic aspects of protection of atmospheric air - 25-31-85;

-compliance with sanitary-epidemiological regime of the stay of children and adolescents in organized groups - 25-62-94;

- effects of electromagnetic and ionizing radiation on the human body, radiation safety 23-33-72;

-compliance with sanitary-epidemiological regime in health care facilities - 25-49-41;

- healthy lifestyle - 25-49-06;

service of "One window" - 25-49-21

Courses of sanitary education: 26-63-58