Support scheme export


1. International leasing.

The promotion of products of Belarusian manufacturers at foreign markets in conditions of international leasing provides JSC "Promagroleasing", the planned opening of subsidiaries, both close and far abroad.

One of the priority tasks for the effective development of export leasing is the development of new markets in Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America. In 2012 in the Republic of Mozambique created joint venture - LLC "Belerica".

The terms of supplies of Belarusian equipment to Mozambique and other African countries:

  • rate - 7-8. 5 percent per annum;

  • term - up to 7 years.

When providing a government or municipal guarantee, and the guarantee of Prime Bank rates can be reduced to 2 percent per annum.

2. Export lending.

In accordance with the decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus dated 25.06.2006 №534 “On the promotion of export of goods (works, services)” export credits may be granted to Belarusian banks on condition of their insurance PROPAIS the "Eximgarant of Belarus":

resident - for the production and realization of goods (works, services), implementation on the territory of foreign States of investments;

non - residents (including foreign banks) — to pay for residents realized goods (works, services).

The terms of export credit:

  • interest rates on loans in foreign currency - rate CIRRs (up to 1.5% per annum);

  • loan term - up to 3 years;

  • loan amount - no restrictions. Losses of domestic banks in the form of the difference between the rate applied under normal lending rate on export credit kompensiruet them from the Republican budget.

3. Interest rate subsidies to non-residents, including stories, providing loans for acquisition of Belarusian machinery (the Decree №466).

Today, with Russia the scheme of payment to non-resident banks interest on loans granted by them to purchase our equipment, as well as to refinance the costs incurred by leasing companies for the purchase of Belarusian equipment by non-residents.

For borrowers, the cost of credit reduces the budget of the Republic of Belarus. Limit the amount of such reduction in price (interest compensation) - the refinancing rate of the state in whose territory purchased Belarusian goods (for Russia - 8.25 percent per annum).

Loan term - up to 5 years. Now considering the issue of the proliferation of such schemes in other countries. There are developments with Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Moldova, certain prospects in Nigeria, South Africa, Indonesia and other countries.

4. The scheme on the terms of the Eximbank.

The provision of the loans will be exercised through the Commissioner of the Government of the Republic of Belarus Bank in the framework of intergovernmental agreements.

Loan terms that are defined in the intergovernmental agreements must be approved by the Head of state.

After the signing of the intergovernmental agreement, the Government of the importing country (the borrower) may use the credits (as provided for in the agreement amount) by signing of individual credit agreements with the designated Bank for the financing of export contracts of Belarusian enterprises.

After receiving approval from the Government of the Republic of Belarus and the Government of the importing country according to the contract, the borrower submits to the authorized Bank official application for a loan in the framework of the signed intergovernmental agreement.

After carrying out the authorized Bank's internal assessment and examination of the contract and acceptance of the application authorized Bank of the Republic of Belarus and the borrower sign a loan agreement that outlines the specific terms of the funding contract.

The basic conditions of lending by the authorized Bank: the term - up to 5 years, including a grace period of 2 years, the fee for the loan - 7 - 7.5 percent per annum; the loan amount is not more than 85 percent of the contract value.

5. Implementation of Belarusian products in the framework of national programs of other countries.

Development of cooperation with various countries on the occurrence of Belarusian enterprises in the state programs of these countries with the purpose of realization of Belarusian goods with possible participation of the Belarusian side in establishing favorable terms for her buyers.

Belarus is ready to participate in government programs on preferential conditions applicable for the producers of the country, implementing such state programs.

According to the above schemes, export credit is necessary to interact with the Ministry of Finance, JSC "development Bank of the Republic of Belarus", PROPAIS the "Eximgarant of Belarus", and JSC "Promagroleasing".