Lenin square, 35

Building Lenin ave.,
Gomel, Lenin ave., 35

The residential 4-storey building has an L-shaped structure in the plan, completed with a gable roof. Front facades facing Irininskaya st., Lenin ave., represent an integral composition, united by a cut corner part.

The profiled cornice under the windows of the 2nd floor divides the facades into two tiers. The lower tier is decorated with facetted rustication. Profiled window sills, brackets, panels with prismatic rustication, fan locks, facetted keystone were used in the design of window openings. The walls of the upper tier are smoothly plastered. On the 3rd-4th floors, window openings alternate with balcony openings. On the 3rd floor, balconies on truncated beams are framed by balustrades with small bollards. On the 4th floor, the windows are united by a narrow window sill, the fencing of the balconies is forged.

The central entrance group is located in the corner part of the building. The doorway is highlighted by ribbon platbands, wide cornice, curly brackets, rust, from the first floor partially passing to the second along the central axis. The display windows are symmetrically located on both sides of the door. The vertical continues with a decorative portico, the boundaries of which are defined by pilasters, covered with a triangular pediment. An arched opening with balconies on the 3rd-4th floors is inscribed in its plane.

In 1891, according to the project of G. Gavrilov, at the corner of Zamkova Street (the former name of Lenin Ave.) and Irininskaya Street within the designated land plot, the laying of an almshouse (at the expense of Princess Irina Ivanovna Paskevich) took place. In August 1892, the «Shelter for elderly women» was inaugurated. In 1905, the eye Hospital named after him was located in this building. Fedor and Irina Paskevich (more than 700 operations per year). The hospital was headed by a well–known Gomel ophthalmologist – Abram Yakovlevich Brook.

During the Great Patriotic War, the future avenue was almost completely destroyed. The new building turned it into a showcase of the architectural style – the «Stalin Empire». An example of one of the parts of an ensemble building is building № 35. The house was built in 1958 (possibly on the site where the hospital was located before the war). In 1960, the street became Lenin Avenue. Archival data indicate that the neighboring house had № 57 before 1960, and, most likely, the current house No. 35 was originally № 59.

image002.jpgClosed street(Lenin Avenue) on the plan of Gomel in 1910 (p. 25a – Transfiguration Church and parish women's school, p. 25b – eye treatment, p. 26 – baths).

image002.jpgLenin avenue, house №35. In the courtyard. Photo 1960.

image003.jpgLenin avenue, house № 35. Photo 2011.

image004.jpgLenin avenue, house № 35.