Hero of the Soviet Union

Petr Kharitonovich Basenkov was born in the village of Vylevo (now - Dobrush district, Gomel region. He was the participant in the liberation of Belarus from the Nazi invaders during the Great Patriotic War, was in the Red Army since 1930. He was in battles during the Great Patriotic War from June 1941. Basenkov was the participant of the Stalingrad and Kursk battles, the Belorussian offensive, battles in the Baltic States, East Prussia, Germany. Particularly distinguished himself during the liberation of the city of Dobele, Latvian SSR. The tank crew, which included the driver-mechanic P. Kh. Basenkov, repulsed a counterattack of 8 enemy tanks, destroyed 3 tanks and a self-propelled gun. Left alone after the death of the rest of the crew in a burning tank, nonetheless he did not stop the battle. He lived and worked in the river after the War.He had been the chairman of a collective farm in the Vetka district, the village of Kostyukovka, Gomel district, since 1955.


"Gold Star" Medalof the Hero of the Soviet Union, Order of Lenin;

Order of the Patriotic War 1st and 2nd degrees;

Order of the Red Star, medals.