The Alley of Heroes

Алея Герояў   |   Aллея Героев



The Alley of Heroes and the memorial complex are located in the park along Sovetskaya Street in Gomel. The central part of the memorial sign is made in the form of an arch, which is clearly visible from Sovetskaya Street.

In the very center, there is a sculpture of a soldier, which was located in this place earlier, and is now reconstructed. On both sides of the arch there are two walls, on which there are 44 memorial plaques with information about the defenders of the Fatherland, buried here in a mass grave. It contains the remains of 135 participants in the defense of Gomel in August 1941, partisans, underground fighters, as well as those who brought the long-awaited freedom to the city in November 1943. All of them gave their lives during the war for the present peaceful life of the Belarusian people.

There are 41 memorial steles along the central alley. They immortalize the names of the Heroes of the Soviet Union and full holders of the Order of Glory, whose fate was associated with Gomel. Among them are the natives of the city above the Sozh, the soldiers who took part in the liberation of the city, as well as those who lived and worked here.

Anatoly Vasilievich Bazhenov
Emelyan Ignatievich Barykin
Petr Kharitonovich Basenkov
Evgeny Abramovich Birbraer
Timofey Stepanovich Borodin
Pavel Nikolaevich Buinevich
Viktor Dmitrievich Vetoshkin
Vladimir Vasilievich Gamzin
Polina Vladimirovna Gelman
Pavel Yakovlevich Golovachev
Boris Petrovich Gushchin
Grigory Kirillovich Denisenko
Joseph Ivanovich Dyakov
Naum Ilyich Zholudev
Nikolay Vasilievich Zebnitsky
Alexander Lavrentievich Isachenko
Boris Filippovich Kalach
Igor Emelyanovich Kalenikov
Ilya Borisovich Katunin
Ilya Pavlovich Kozhar

Nikolay Alekseevich Kozhushkin
Grigory Yakovlevich Korol
Fedor Petrovich Kotchenko
Semyon Davidovich Kremer
Nikolay  Afanasyevich Lebedev
Alexander Ilyich Lizyukov
Petr Ilyich Lizyukov
Pavel Matveevich Meshcheryakov
Konstantin Fomich Mikhalenko
Vasily Filippovich Mukhin
Nikolay Arsentievich Nevsky
Pavel Vladimirovich Nesterovich
Kirill Nikiforovich Osipov
Dmitry Nikandrovich Penyazkov
Vasily Georgievich Seregin
Petr Sidorovich Sinchukov
Georgy Mikhailovich Skleznev
Petr Semyonovich Strekalov
Alexander Andreevich Filimonov
Boris Andreevich Tsarikov
Yuri Abramovich Shandalov