1909 – 1945

The hero of the USSR

Pyotr Ilyich Lizyukov was born in 1909 in Gomel. The military biography of Pyotr Ilyich Lizyukov began in 1929. He rose from the commander of a fire platoon to the commander of an artillery regiment. From the first months of the Great Patriotic War, Pyotr Lizyukov took part in battles with the Nazis. Already on 22 June 1941, the artillery regiment, in which Pyotr Lizyukov served, took a battle on the Western Bug River near the city of Sokal. After the death of the commander, Pyotr took over command. The regiment, in which only three guns remained, retreated with battles to Kiev, then took part in a counteroffensive on the Dnieper and for about a month left the encirclement. In early 1942, Major Lizyukov was appointed commander of the 651st artillery regiment of the 69th light artillery brigade. As part of the troops of the Southwestern Front, he experienced the bitterness of retreat with his artillerymen, a participant in the Battle of Stalingrad; on the Leningrad Front, Lizyukov's artillerymen stormed enemy fortifications on the Karelian Isthmus, participated in the liberation of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

On 30 January 1945, in the Kaliningrad region, the Nazis, pressed to the sea, launched a counterattack in a narrow sector of the front. At a critical moment, the artillerymen of Lizyukov's brigade came to the aid of our infantrymen. During the battle, the colonel was directly in the combat formations of the units. His presence, composure and self-control encouraged the fighters. But in the midst of the battle, Pyotr IlyichLizyukov was struck by a fragment of an enemy shell. The artillerymen successfully repulsed the tank attack of the fascists.Colonel P.I.

He was awarded the Order of Lenin, two Orders of the Red Banner, the Orders of Kutuzov, II degree. World War I degree, Red Star, "Badge of Honor".

Hero of the Soviet Union Pyotr Ilyich Lizyukov forever enrolled in the lists of the military unit, and was also enrolled in the brigade of the Gomel radio plant. In the city of Gomel, a street is named after the Lizyukov brothers, a monument is erected in honor of the Lizyukov brothers.