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OAO Gomselmash

Combine harvesters, harvesting equipment, mowers, beet harvesting equipment, potato technique, flax machinery, harvester for harvesting corn for grain, tools for harvesting canola

SOAO "gomelkabel"

Non-insulated wire, enameled wire, winding wire, copper wire

JSC "electrical equipment"

Electrical appliances, electric ranges, electric irons, electric rollers, gas floor and table slabs, low-voltage equipment, magnetic starters, thermal relays, etc.


Valves, switches, pressure gauges, pressure hydraulic valves, filtering devices, hydro for tractors and agricultural machinery, the control units of the clutch and brakes, umbrellas, guns for underwater hunting, gardening sprayers, pumps

OJSC "Gomel machine tool units plant"

Lathes and drilling machines, units, components. Modernization and overhaul of similar equipment. Upholstered furniture, beds

JSC "Gomelglass"

Sheet, laminated, tempered, furniture glass, foam glass, triplex, TPS-glass units, refractory products

Gomelstroymaterialy OJSC

Rocks and silicate brick, blocks of cellular concrete, mineral wool boards

Pack "Light" OO "BelTIZ"

Lamps, fluorescent, outdoor, electrical equipment, plastic seats for stadiums, gardening tools

JSC "Raton"

Crewe, CSR, EXPL, ACC-16, packet switch, rack telemechanics roller guides, brackets, inserts, gas-burning devices, heating boilers, automotive mirrors

JSC "Gomel plant of casting and normals"

Harvester, balers for forage and grain vehicles, mowers, cast iron and nonferrous castings, normals, and fasteners


Parts for industrial valves, manufacture of electric motors, casting of non-ferrous metals

JSC "Fromlinks"

Solid state devices, microwave ferrite, components for water heaters, gas, appliances, die-casting parts from aluminum and brass alloy, Metalworking

FE "alkopak"

Screw aluminum cap closure device to the polymer, the metal sealing device, sealing strip made of polyethylene foam, the tape sealing of polyethylene foam, decorative polymer cover


Boilers for wood waste, capacity up to 5 mW in full auto mode

Enterprise "Steklograd"

High-precision injection molding of plastics under pressure.

IUP "intercaps the" company "chestnut" AG

Tape adhesive packing LCT (polypropylene) width of roll up to 20 cm, tape adhesive packing LCT (polypropylene) with print

YUPP Kashtan

Plastic packaging for different food industry (confectionery, dairy, meat, fish, egg products, salads, frozen berries and fruits, ice cream, etc.) and other products for industrial and domestic purposes.

JV "Batichelli"

Children's leather shoes

SP "Becker-system" LTD

PVC profile, Windows and doors from PVC, Windows and doors of wood

Of RUE "PA Belorusneft"

The oil and gas production, oil service, hydrocarbon raw materials refining, production science, mechanical engineering, sales of refined products of oil and gas within the country and abroad.

PUP "Gomeloboi"

Wallpaper. Services - restoration of printed forms

JSC "Gomel fat factory"

Margarine, mayonnaise, oil Packed, Laundry soap, toilet soap

OJSC "Gomel PA "Crystal"

Jewelry, diamonds, diamond powders, diamond pastes, diamond tools for stone processing, and glass processing, metal processing

JSC "Gomel distillery "Radamir"

Vodka, liquors, brandy, cognac, ethyl alcohol from food raw materials, kvass wort concentrate, malt, rye, carbon dioxide

JSC "Gomeldrev"

Hallway, cabinets, cupboards, desks, dressers, coffee tables, dining, chairs, stools, mirror frames, moldings, furniture parts, wooden frame type

JSC "Gomel meat plant"

Meat and meat products, sausage products and meat semi-finished products, melted food fats, technical production of meat feedstock. Processing services, freezing and storage of meat, service perekopke crude fat


Potato chips, sunflower seeds, pistachios, peanuts

OJSC "Gomel chemical Plant"

Fertilizer nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium, ammophos, superphosphate of ammunitionAnny, the artificial technical cryolite, aluminium fluoride technical, sodium sulfite anhydrous, Aerosil technical

JSC Milkavita

Fresh milk and dry milk products

JSC "Gomel foundry plant "Tsentrolit"

Castings from gray and ductile cast iron

CJSC "Gomel carriage works"

Manufacture and repair of cars, repair of wheel pairs, spare parts, steel casting, metal products, manufacture of furniture

OJSC "Gomel Electromechanical plant"

Spare parts for different types of cars, repair, used on railroad equipment: locomotive jacks and railway, wagon retarders, electric machines of AC and DC coil reception of ALSN, Shoe hump brake, machine tool equipment

JSC "Gomel plant of starting engines named after P. K. Ponomarenko"

Launcher units, gearboxes, spare parts, components and detalii in cooperation, welding electrodes

JSC "Grodno liqueur & vodka factory"

Equipment for catering (plates electric frying cabinets, electric frying pan section, the heaters, the boiler steam kettle)

JSC "Gomel radio plant"

Special equipment, botwoodville, conveyors, tractor trailers, industrial electric cooker, electric meat grinder, electric table cooker, chimney fittings, furniture fittings, plastic utensils, wooden products

JSC "Seismotekhnika"

Design and development, manufacture and maintenance of exploration, drilling and oil field equipment

OJSC "Medplast"

Syringes medical single use 2A, 5B, 10B, 20B "Luer"

Unitary enterprise "Gomel factory of trading equipment"

Trade furniture and equipment (showcases, shelves, etc.), non-standard equipment (mini-shops, shelters for street trading, office furniture, furniture for hospitals, bar equipment), furniture, packaging (bags, plastic mesh bags for packing goods, t-shirts). Services: sharpening saws, knives, metal fabrication (railings,fences, gates), cutting chipboard, edge seaming, repairing and upholstering of soft furniture, transportation, services of a truck crane

OJSC "Gomel furniture factory "Progress"

Upholstered furniture

OJSC "Gomel factory "Kommunalnik"

Boiler, firefighting equipment, water supply equipment, equipment for agriculture

JSC "Gomelzhelezobeton"

Elements of a zero cycle (the blocks of walls of basements, piles,foundations), structural framing elements of the buildings (plates of overlappings and coverings, columns), elements of enclosing structures (exterior wall panels, screens, fencing of balconies and loggias), concrete and mortar, reinforcing steel elements

JSC "Gomel engine repair plant"

The provision of services to the agricultural enterprises of area on repair of agricultural machinery, components and assemblies, manufacture of vacuum pumps, pumping stations, aggregates the individual milking, the production of small internal combustion engines with capacity from 5 up to 10 kW, brushcutters, tillage 4-meter seeders

JSC "Santeks"

Cookware enameled steel, sink recessed enameled steel coated in electrostatics, steel enameled signs and license plates

OOO "Artem-Mebel"

Sets of furniture for kitchen, dining groups, tables under the TRA, wall, computer tables, dressers, wardrobes

JSC "Gomel plant of measuring devices"

The issue potentiometric, potentiostatic, amperometric devices, electrode systems to them and measuring equipment. Furniture hardware aluminum casting, manicure sets and accessories.

JV JSC "Spartak"

Confectionery, biscuits, candy, wafer, candy, chocolate

JSC "Stankogomel"

Horizontal boring CNC machining centers and their modifications, slotting machines, cutting machines and straightening of round bars, manufacture of small washing machines Alesya

OJSC "8 Marta"

Knitted goods, hosiery

JSC "Comintern"

Men's classical suits, jackets, trousers; suits, jackets, trousers business style for boys; male and female products of flax and material from the customer

JSC "Trud"

Special footwear with protective properties

JSC "Elga"

Manufacture and repair of hydraulic equipment

The company "Antares-s"

Manufacture of furniture, manufacture of wood products according to individual orders


Wallpaper intaglio and flexography printing, moisture proof Wallpapers, foam (with acrylic foam), vinyl Wallpaper