Administrative bodies


The office of the state security Committee of the Republic of Belarus in the Gomel region

(street Biletsky, 1)

Attendant - 127

the website

The Committee of State control of the Gomel region

(Proletarskaya street, 15)

phone – 23-83-65

the website

8th Control (Gomel region) on fight against organized crime and corruption in the Gomel region, the Ministry of interior

(street of Communards, 3A; Postal address: Sovetskaya str., 8, and 12)

Part of the duty - 23-24-70

Department of internal Affairs of the Gomel regional Executive Committee

(street of Communards, 3)

head of telephone 70-43-08

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Department of internal Affairs of administration of Railway area of Gomel

(Kirova str., 122)

head of telephone 60-32-48

Duty 60-32-49

Department of the interior administration of the Soviet area of Gomel

(B. Khmelnitskogo str., 69)

head of telephone 41-08-89
Duty - 41-09-12

Department of internal Affairs of the administration of the Novobelitsky district of Gomel

(St. St.Razin, 9 a)

head of telephone 36-32-48

Duty - 26-24-50

Department of internal Affairs administration of the Central district of Gomel

(Krestyanskaya street, 42)

head of telephone 70-38-99

Duty - 70-38-99, 70-44-10 (Fax)

The Gomel Department of internal Affairs on transport

(Krasnoarmeyskaya street, 13)

head of telephone 95-21-00

Duty - 95-21-18

The management of GAI of Department of internal Affairs of the Gomel regional Executive Committee

(246007, Gomel, Fedyuninskogo street, 9)

head of telephone 68-32-51

Duty - 68-44-44

"The telephone hotline" of management of GAI - 68-42-24

On the Department of organization of traffic of GAI of Department of internal Affairs

(Fedyuninskogo street, 9)

head of telephone 68-33-12

A regiment patrulno-sentry duty of militia of internal Affairs Department of Homel regional Executive Committee

(street Borisenko, 12)

the commander of the tel 46-44-07

Duty - 46-44-44

Gomel customs

(St. International, 30)

reception - 79-21-03, Fax 79-21-08

Gomel city Department of emergency situations Ministry of emergency situations of Belarus

(street, 3rd Aviation, 21)

reception - 34-04-56

The Homel city military Commissariat

(B. Khmelnitskogo str., 73)

the military Commissioner - 41-24-60

duty - 41-25-52

The Prosecutor's office of Gomel:

246004, Gomel, Avenue of Cosmonauts, 11 .
Email address:

The management of Prosecutor's office of Gomel

Attorney of the city of Bulynko Yuri V.

Deputy city Prosecutor Alesya Rabtsava S., counselor of justice

Deputy city attorney Stalowych Vyacheslav Leonidovich

Deputy city attorney Savenchuk Vitaly Mikhailovich

Deputy city attorney Gavrikov Alexey

Information about the reception of citizens by the operational staff of the Prosecutor's office:


Team leaders - senior assistant city attorney, carry out reception of citizens in the working days in accordance with the schedule of citizens ' reception from 08.00 to 18.00.

Senior assistant Prosecutor and assistant city Prosecutor carried out a personal reception every working day from 09.00 to 18.00.