The municipal unitary enterprise "Gorelektrotransport"

Communal unitary enterprise "gorelektrotransport"

246698, Gomel , Trolleybusnaya str ,1
reception tel. (Fax) 25-38-55
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Director: Morozov, Vitaly Mikhailovich, phone: 23-40-84
Chief engineer: Rechkalov Maxim Olegovich, phone: 22-71-82
Chief accountant: Sviridenko, Nadezhda Ivanovna, phone: 22-39-43

The chief production activity of company is transportation of passengers, as well as carrying out all types of repair of trolley buses, management of traffic on the line, organization of supply, the revenue collected from the sale of travel products.

The company also provides transport for the provision of services of carriage of goods and passengers, for manufacturing earthmoving and construction and installation works.



1. Implementation of cash and non-cash payments to individuals and legal entities of various forms of private tickets

  1. Trolley — monthly and decadal.
  2. Bus-trolley — monthly and decadal. The cost of tickets in the section “Tariffs”. Contact phone number for the conclusion of contracts with legal entities 22-49-68 (Department of the sale of travel products).

2. Repair and construction services

  1. The arrangement of balconies and loggias.
  2. Device of suspended ceilings (PVC panels, drywall, etc.).
  3. Replacement of floor coverings (linoleum, laminate, particleboard, etc.).
  4. Installation (replacement) of door and window hardware (latches, locks).
  5. Tiling (ceramic tile, PVC panels, etc.).
  6. The device of concrete floors, bases, screeds.
  7. Incorporation of Gables.
  8. The local sewer.
  9. Manufacturing of products from wood and metal, including with the installation (frames, benches, carpentry, gazebos, railings, fences, etc.).
  10. Brickwork.
  11. Pouring foundations.
  12. The device and replacement of the roof drainage devices, anemones, skates.
  13. Dismantling doors, Windows.
  14. The installation of the architraves, skirting boards.
  15. The device arches.
  16. The covering of facades siding, clapboard.
  17. Services of load-lifting mechanisms.
  18. Replacement of piping hot and cold water, radiators in apartments and individual homes.
  19. Replacement (installation) of the sanitary facilities (toilets, sinks, washbasins, mixers, bathtubs, towel warmers).
  20. The connection of chandeliers, lamps, bells, etc.
  21. Repair of electric motors, pumps, etc.

3. Services landscaping

  1. Delivery of topsoil.

4. Services dining room

  1. Rent dining room for events.
  2. Cooking for celebrations, funeral dinners.

5. Household services

  1. Manufacturing of metal sections of greenhouses.
  2. Manufacture, installation and repair of metal garages, and other metal products, including sketches of the customer.
  3. Repair fences.
  4. Repair of individual garages.
  5. Construction of individual garages.
  6. Transportation of the faulty vehicles to the place of repair or Parking.
  7. Fabrication and repair of wood products.

6. Funeral services

  1. Manufacture of fences.
  2. Bus service (MAZ-256200 — 25 places, "Radimich" — 25 places).
  3. Holding a ritual dinner.

7. Transport services

  1. Occasional carriage of passengers by buses (MAZ-256200 — 25 places, "Radimich" — 25 places).
  2. Services road freight transport in local traffic (GAZ-3307, GAZ-33023 "Gazelle").
  3. Services of a truck crane MAZ-5337 SC-35729.
  4. Services: wiring a GAS-3307, ZIL-130.

8. Washing vehicles

  1. Washing of trucks.
  2. Washing of buses.
  3. Washing of cars.

9. Medical examination

  1. Medical examination of drivers (pre-trip inspection).
  2. Medical examination of other workers.

10. Conduct electrical tests

11. Advertising

  1. Placement of banners on support of a contact network (according to approved list of locations).
  2. Advertising on the sides of vehicles.
  3. The placement of the leaflets of the form A4 (Vert.) in salons of trolley buses.