Architectural and planning Bureau

The municipal unitary enterprise "Architectural and planning Bureau of the Department of architecture and urban planning"

Obtained certificate of compliance to perform:
1. engineering surveys for the construction of first to fourth classes of complexity:
1.1. work as part of engineering surveys.
2. Development of preliminary (pre-investment) documentation (category 3);
3. Development of sections of project documentation for the construction of first to fourth classes of complexity:
3.1. General plan and transport;
3.2. architectural solutions;
3.3. technological solutions;
3.4. environmental protection, engineering and technical measures of civil defense, prevention of emergency situations, ensuring fire safety, construction organization plan.
4. The construction of first to fourth classes of complexity:
4.1. geodetic works.
5. Execution of works on inspection of buildings and structures.

Working time-from 8-30 to 17-30 lunch from 13-00 to 14-00
G. Gomel, Proletarskaya St., 43
telephone reception 535772

Head: Gusakova Natalia 
tel. 535,763 kab.№3
hours from 8-30 to 17-30
a lunch break from 13-00 do14-00.
Receiving daily 

The Department of training permits

Work performed:

  • Preparation of draft decisions of the city Council;

  • Collection of technical conditions for the design.

Head of Department: Artemenko Ekaterina

tel 536198 KAB.№21


Division of engineering-geodetic works

Work performed:

  • The transfer in nature of basic axes of buildings and constructions, engineering networks, the transfer in nature of the baselines and the establishment of horizontal and vertical geodetic network.

  • Performing engineering surveys (topographic survey).

  • Preparation of reports for the registration of land plots.

  • Manufacturer schemes for draft decisions of Executive Committee and coordination with concerned organizations of the city.

  • The results of the tasks on production of topographic-geodetic and engineering-geological works, delivery of information on materials of engineering surveys (copies of topolnikov).

Head of Department: Sergey E. I.

535225 tel KAB. No. 24


Department of design works

Work performed:

  • Preparation of architectural planning assignment;

  • Production of passports painting of facades;

  • Manufacturer of architectural projects of individual houses;

  • Development planning schemes;

  • Development of sketches of input groups;

  • The architectural project of the land development;

  • A General survey of buildings and structures;

  • Development of sections of building (architectural) projects of reconstruction, modernization of buildings (premises);

  • Development of preliminary (pre-investment) documentation;

  • Development of sections of project documentation:

  • Thermal renovation of buildings (insulation of modern materials) ;

  • Overhaul and repair of flat roll roofing;

  • Reinforcement of building structures of buildings and structures on the basis of technical opinions;

  • Completed the replacement of window and door openings;

  • The device of ventilated facades with decoration stoneware tiles, metal siding.

  • Finishing the interior of buildings and structures;

  • Underground and aboveground heating (building the part);

  • Redevelopment of premises (structural part);

  • Inspection of a technical condition of building structures to register for the "State Agency for state registration of buildings and land cadastre".

Head of Department: Kulish Galina

tel 535841 KAB. No. 19