Hero of the Soviet Union

Timofey Stepanovich Borodin (1917, Gomel - 1942), one of the organizers and leaders of the Gomel communist underground during the Second World War, Hero of the Soviet Union (1965). He was the member of the CPSU since 1941 and graduated from the Moscow Polygraphic Institute in 1941. From 1936 he worked at the Gomel factory "Polespechat". He organized and led an underground group at the factory after the occupation of Gomel by the German fascist invaders, on the instructions of the Gomel underground city committee of the CP (b) B, whose members printed and distributed appeals, leaflets, reports of the Sovinformburo, prepared forms of passes and other documents for partisans and underground fighters, and released from prisoner of war camps, participated in sabotage. T.S. Since November 1941, the head of the Gomel underground operational center for coordinating the activities of underground groups. During preparations for the explosion of the Gomel power plant, he was arrested by the Nazis and after torture was shot. Buried in Gomel in the Komsomolsky park. In Gomel, a street (formerly Seventh) is named after him; the pioneer squad of the Gomel secondary school No. 48 bears his name; memorial plaques were installed on the building of the “Polespechat” factory and on the houses in Gomel, where the secret apartments of the underground workers were located.