The contest "Brand of the city of Gomel"



What is our city? For someone at the mention of the regional center immediately seems green velvet of the Park, where the pearl of great price, through the trees lit tower and dome of the Palace of the Rumyantsevs and the Paskeviches. For some, our town smells like chocolate or shrouded in a delicate wrought-iron foundry "Tsentrolit". And Gomel is speckled knit and elegant men's suits, sparkling facets of diamonds, handled delicately in the jewelry factory. Gomel – schools, museums, businesses. Gomel is radio and Newspapers. Gomel – is its people.

It is very symbolic that in the Year of homeland Gomel chose the brand of your city. For this was organized and held an open city competition. Just for review has been submitted 50 applications from 35 parties.

So, the contest results were announced. And, as it turned out, the diversity of our city can not represent only one company or a monument of architecture. Therefore, it was decided that there will be several winners.

In the category "Brand attraction" won the Palace and Park ensemble and the sculptural composition "the Apple".

Industrial brands of Gomel steel jewelry brand "Crystal" products Gomel foundry plant "Tsentrolit", dairy products "Milkaway", the image of the house with the logo of DSK Gomel and squirrel image, line of products "VOSMAE", costumes from "the Comintern", confectionery "Spartak", the products manufactured by the Gomel chemical plant.

The winners and their work took part in a celebratory exhibition in Gomel dedicated to the Independence Day of the Republic of Belarus.