CTWP "Gomeloblpischeprom"
246027, Gomel, PR-t Rechitsa, 7a, K. 2.1

Reception: 8(0232) 23-87-32

Homel United bus station
246017, Kurchatov street, 2
Each of the 77 Fax 01 37 71 79 19

OJSC "Gomel bus Park No. 1"
246027, Barykina str., 134
Each of the 41 75 00 Fax 40 60 29

JSC "Bus fleet No. 6 in Gomel"
246015, Fedyuninskogo str., 25
Each of the 51 66 92 Fax 51 66 91

JSC "Novellization"
246013, St., 1 Technical, 16A
Each of the t/f 89 75 39

JSC "Gomel car Park No. 26"
246039, street Dirt, 16A
Each of the t/f 64 06 20

JSC "Gomeltorgmash"
246027, PR-t Rechitsa, 7
Each of the 40 74 67 40 84 Fax 96

JSC "Gomel-ATEP"
246027, Borisenko str., 3
Each of the t/f 45 18 40

KAUP "Homolagation"
246009, Dobrush str., 29-a
Each of the t/f 37 60 05

CORPSE "Gomel branch of Belarusian railway"
246022, St. Witkowska, 5
Each of the 95 33 12 Fax 04 71 54

Stantsiya Gomel
246003, Shevchenko str., 14
Each of the 95 30 16 Fax 71 71 86

The station in Gomel
246017, Privokzalnaya square, 3
Each of the 95 22 53 71 40 Fax 34

Gomel track CORPSE "Gomel branch of Belarusian railway"
246004, Shosseynaya, 3
Each of the 32 95 31 Fax 42 41 77

Homel distance signaling and communication the body "Gomel branch of Belarusian railway"
246022, Kirova str., 34a
Each of the 95 25 77 11 55 Fax 71

Station "Centrolit" of the Belarusian Railways
246044, St. Barykina

RUP Gomel branch of the Belarusian Railways Locomotive depot Gomel
246014, Commercial Avenue, 1
Each of the 22 95 08 71 92 80 Fax

RTOP "Belarusian inland navigation company"
246050, Pushkina street, 11
Each of the 74 94 67 74 Fax 86 21

River port Gomel
246050, St. Podgornaya, 2
Each of the 70 02 73 t 74 45 00

Communal unitary enterprise "gorelektrotransport"
246698, str. 1
Reception tel. (Fax) 25-38-55.


documents to be submitted by licence applicants in
the licensing authority for obtaining a license to carry
passengers and cargo transportation (except technological intraeconomic
transportation of passengers and cargo, performed by legal entities and
individual businessmen for own needs)
automobile transport.

1. Application-request on issuance of the license with indication of the licensed activities and showing the services that the applicant intends to implement.
2. Copies of constituent documents (Charter) of a legal entity, with the exception of the constituent documents of a foreign legal entity, certificate about the state registration of the legal entity without notary certification;
3. A copy of the notice of the tax authority on assignment of a taxpayer identification number.
4. A document confirming payment of license fee for consideration of the application.
5. The lists of vehicles by types (lorries, buses, cars, trailers, semi-trailers, specialized rolling stock), specifying the brand of each vehicle, its state rooms, year of manufacture, carrying capacity (passenger capacity) chassis no., the date of the last inspection.
6. Copies of certificates about passing of the state technical inspection with the mark on the technical condition and state registration certificates of vehicles.
7. Documents confirming the equipment of a rolling stock control device (cash register of the summing unit, the tachograph).
8. Copies of certificates of conformity of vehicles to the requirements of the resolutions of the European conference of Ministers of transport.
9. Copies of the documents confirming pre-trip medical examination of drivers and technical inspection of rolling stock.
10. Copies of diplomas of higher or secondary special education of persons responsible for the implementation of the licensed activity, or (if no diploma) copies of certificates and other documents confirming the completion of their appraisal.
11. Lists of drivers engaged in the carriage of passengers or goods by road.
12. Copies of certificates of completion of drivers courses in performing transportation of passengers by taxi cars in the intra Republican message.
13. Upon presentation to the licensing authority copies of documents the licence applicant is obliged to present the originals or notarized copies.
14. The license is issued to the license applicant upon presentation.
- a document confirming payment of license fee for the license;
- identity - the head of the legal entity; passport and power of attorney - authorized representative of a legal entity.
In the absence of the head of the legal entity of the specified documents to show a passport and a document confirming their authority.
For more details, the licence applicants can obtain in the branch of transport inspection of the Ministry of transport in Gomel region to the address: street Borisenko,3 tel No. 45 46 27.