Lenin square, 47

Building Lenin ave.,
Gomel, Lenin ave., 47

House № 47 is a five-storey, rectangular in plan volume, which is the central link of the block of buildings between Karpovich and Krasnoarmeyskaya streets.

The main facade is decorated solemnly. It is divided into two tiers by a profiled cornice: the lower – 1st-3rd floors – rusticated, the upper – smoothly plastered. The crowning cornice is complemented with dentils. The first floor is distinguished by double showcase windows with semi-columns connected by decorative rusticated archivolts with images on the lunettes of cornucopias girdled with ribbons.

The desire for vertical is given by the risalites of the lower tier, containing entrance groups in the form of modest portals with profiled platbands and entablatures. At the level of the wall of the 2nd-3rd floors, the risalites are united by a wide cornice. On the upper tier, the vertical continues with porticos-balconies decorated with double ionic semicolons and wide entablatures on the border with the 5th floor. The vertical composition on the roof is completed by semicircular attics with panels.

Additional accents of the upper tier are balconies with wrought-iron fencing with patterns of geometric motifs.
Lenin Avenue acts as the main thoroughfare of Gomel, and connects the historical center of the city with the railway station. It began to form in the XIX century, but during the Great Patriotic War it was almost completely destroyed. The post-war development formed a fairly integral architectural ensemble, united by the motifs of classicism and decor with Soviet symbols.

The house № 47 on the avenue is a typical example of residential architecture of the 1950s with built-in social and household facilities. Its construction was completed in 1959. In the same period, neighboring houses were built: № 45 and 49. House № 47 is the central part of this ensemble, and through through arches on both sides of the main facade connects the courtyard space with the main street. Now there are shops on the ground floor from the street side.

image001.jpgLenin avenue, a vacant lot on the site of house № 47. Photography of the 1950s.

image002.jpgLenin avenue, house № 47 (right). Photo of the late 1950s.

image003.jpgLenin avenue, house № 47. Photography of the early 1960s. From the archive of JSC «Gomelgrazhdanproekt»

image004.jpgLenin avenue, house № 47. Photo of the 2010s.

image005.jpgLenin avenue, house № 47.