Industrial Park "Great stone"


Industrial Park "Great stone" is adjacent to the international airport preferential area of 91,5 sq. km Coming into the Park, the investor receives a ready transport and engineering infrastructure, supplied to the selected land plot, good geographical location, optimizing time and transport costs, the provision of public services on the principle of "one station".

Conditions of use:

- the volume of investments at least 5 million USD;

- organization of production in the spheres of electronics, fine chemistry, biotechnology, engineering and new materials.

Major tax benefits:
Within 10 years are exempt from:
- the profit tax;
- real estate tax on buildings and structures;
- land tax.
Within the next 10 calendar years — 50% tax rates.
Income tax on the income of individuals from Park residents under labour agreements — 9% up to 2027.

Other preferences:
right to refund of VAT, exemption from payment of customs duties and VAT for goods imported to implement investment projects.
When establishing new taxes, fees (duties) the duty of payment arises.


Industrial park "Great Stone" is a preferential territory of 91,5 sq. linked km to the international airport. Coming to the Park, an investor receives a ready transport and engineering infrastructure conducted to the selected land plot; convenient geographical location favouring the time and transport cost reduction; state services according to the principle of "one-stop" service.

Application terms:
- declared amount of investment should be at least 5 mln USD;
- production should be organized in the sphere of electronics, fine chemistry, biotechnology, mechanical engineering and new materials.

Main tax preferences:
For 10 years Park residents are exempt from:
- income tax;
- property tax on buildings and facilities;
- land tax.
For the next 10 years tax rates are reduced by 50%.
Rate of personal income tax is fixed and equals to only 9% till the year 2027.

Other preferences:
the right for VAT deduction in full amount, exemption from customs duties and VAT on goods imported to Belarus for the implementation of investment projects.
When new taxes and fees are established, obligation to pay such taxes and fees does not arise.