Lenin square, 32

Building Lenin ave.,
Gomel, Lenin ave., 32

The L-shaped volume is located at the intersection with Krasnoarmeyskaya Street. Together with the house № 28 built at the same time, he creates an ensemble that forms the block between Karpovich and Krasnoarmeyskaya Streets. The facades of the house are plastered, the decor is represented by stylization of classic motifs. Special emphasis is placed on the corner parts: from the side of the streets – through the corner volume-attic and decor (blind lunettes above the windows in a row with round medallions), from Lenin Ave. – through a 3-sided bay window on the 3rd-4th floors on the cut corner part, resting on an ornate console.

The composition of the two main facades has almost mirror symmetry, while it is divided into three tiers. The lower tier – with a deep rectangular rustication – is divided by a rapport row of rectangular window and door openings decorated with stucco: consoles, wreaths, keystones, rosettes, medallions with images of sheaves, ribbon borders. The middle tier – the 2nd and part of the 3rd floors - defines a shallow rust and windows with profiled window sills. The third floor is separated by two narrow cornices, at the level of which there are balcony balustrades. Balcony openings – belong to the upper tier, with smooth plaster – have wide platbands with triangular pediments. The windows of the 4th floor are connected by profiled traction. A complex cornice with dentils and small consoles runs along the entire perimeter of the building.

The decor of the courtyard facades is represented by profiled rods and cornices, window and door sandricks with keystones. At the level of the second floor, balconies with simple fences begin.

Lenin Avenue was built up with 3-5-storey buildings in the second half of the 1940s – 1950s and is a fairly harmonious ensemble of neoclassical architecture. One of the examples of housing construction was house №32, built according to the standard project of the Institute «Belgosproekt» (arch. Gur M.A.) in 1951 – 1953. In 1954, the building was put into operation by the management of the Belarusian Railway as a residential building for BIIZHt employees (now – the Belarusian State University of Transport).

 image001.jpgLenin avenue, house № 32. Photography of the 1960s.

image002.jpgLenin avenue, house №32. Photography 2012.

image003.jpgLenin avenue, house №32. Photography 2013.

image004.jpgLenin avenue, house №32. Photography 2023.