Honorary citizens of Gomel

The title of "Honorary citizen of the city of Gomel" was awarded to 32 people:

Paskevich Fedor (1823-1903) – Lieutenant-General, adjutant-General, count of Erivan, Prince of Warsaw, owner of the Gomel estate in 1856-1903гг. (The decree of Alexander III "About rank assignment "the Honourable citizen of Gomel").
Milevsky Albin I. (1916.R.) honored teacher of the BSSR.
Narbutovich Vincent R. (1905.R.) veteran of the plant "Gomselmash".
Rokossovsky Konstantin Konstantinovich (1896 R.) twice hero of the Soviet Union, Marshal of the Soviet Union, Marshal of Poland, after the city named a street.
Gorbatov, Aleksandr Vasilyevich (1891 R.) – Hero of the Soviet Union (1945.), General of the army, the party fighting for the liberation of Gomel from the Nazi occupiers in his honor in the city of Gomel named street.
Korzhuev Andrey Yakovlevich (1911.R.) – honorary Builder of the BSSR.
Rudenko, Sergei Ignatievich (1904.R.) – Hero of the Soviet Union (1944), Marshal.
Telegin Konstantin Fedorovich (1899 R.) – Lieutenant-General, in his honor the city named a street.
Fedyuninsky Ivan Ivanovich (1900.R.) – Hero of the Soviet Union, General of the army, the party fighting for the liberation of Gomel city, in honor of him in the city named the street.
Demchenko Pyotr Trofimovich (1924.R.) – Hero of Socialist Labor (1974), honored worker of culture of the Republic of Belarus (1980), laureate of the USSR Council of Ministers (1983).
Oblique Mikhail Kravchuk (1903.R.) party fighting for the liberation of Gomel, Lieutenant-General of aviation.
Denisenko Grigory Kirillovich (1921.R.) – Hero of the Soviet Union (1946), Colonel.
Kovalev Peter K. (1931.R.) – Hero of Socialist Labor (1981), fitter plant "Gomselmash", the honored mentor of young workers of the BSSR (1978) honored Builder of the Byelorussian SSR (1980).
Lebedev Nikolay Afanasevich (1924.R.) honored teacher of the BSSR (1967), full cavalier of the order of Glory.
Rybalchenko, Alexander Alexandrovich (1911.R.) – people's artist of the Byelorussian SSR (1959), choreographer.
Oskin Victor S. (1992.R.) (posthumously) – a military pilot (in an emergency situation at the cost of lives to prevent the deaths of residents of the city of Gomel).
Rykalin Vladimir Alekseevich (1929.R.) (posthumously).
Leonid geyshtor G. (1936.R.) – honored master of sports, honored coach of the Republic of Belarus, honored worker of physical culture of the Republic of Belarus, champion of the 17th Olympic games (1960, Rome), World champion of Europe, repeated champion of the Soviet Union and Belarus.
Merchants Sergei Pavlovich (1913.R.) in the years of the great Patriotic war – Secretary of the Gomel underground Komsomol (may 1943. – the first Secretary of the Central Committee of lksmb of Gomel).
Kitty Ivan Prokofievich (1924.R.) – former Director of the plant of RUE"Gomselmash" (1960-1972 g).
Penyazkov Dmitry nikandrovich (1922.R.) The Soviet Union hero, Colonel in retirement.
Vetoshkin V. D. (1925.R.) – commander of the order of Glory 3 degrees, honored worker of industry of the BSSR.
Leonid Alexandrovich Shemetkov (1937.R.) – doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences, Professor, corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, academician of the Belarusian Academy of education.
Osipkov Sophia V. (1921.R.) – the pensioner, the head of the Gomel underground party and Komsomol group in the years of the great Patriotic war.
Letichevsky Evgeny Danilovich (1921.R.) retired, former party and state leaders.
Kostyuchenko, Aleksey Alekseyevich (1943.R.) Director of the Republican unitary enterprise "Gomeltransneft "Druzhba".
Malofeyev, Anatoly Aleksandrovich (1933.R.) - Chairman of the permanent Commission for international Affairs and CIS relations of the house of representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus.
Makarov Igor Viktorovich (1979.R.) – champion of the 28th Olympic games in Athens, judoka, member of the national team of the Republic of Belarus.
Aristarkh (Stankevich, Andrey Antonovich) (1941.R.) – Archbishop of Gomel and Zhlobin.
Sidorsky Sergey Sergeyevich – member of the Board for industry and agricultural complex of the Eurasian economic Commission.
Senko Veniamin Ivanovich – rector of the "EE "Belarusian state University of transport".
The life of each of these people worthy of writing a separate history. They are liberated, developed, built and glorified Gomel. The names of many of them named streets in their honor opened the memorials and the memorial plaque, named institutions, their achievements will remain forever will remain a glorious historical chronicle of the city over Sozh.
Vashchenko Gavriil Kharitonovich (1928 – 2014) – Belarusian Soviet painter, people's artist of the BSSR (1988). Honored art worker of the BSSR, Professor, laureate of the State prize of Belarus.
Shabunevsky Stanislav Danilovich (1868 – after 1937) – a Belarusian architect, the author of a considerable part of the buildings of Gomel of the early XX century