1923 – 2001

Hero of the Soviet Union

When the Nazi invaders broke into Chernihiv, B.F. Kalach did not have time to evacuate. In March 1942, the young man was admitted to the partisans. In April 1943, B.F. Kalach was appointed commander of the squad, and then - commander of a sabotage platoon of the partisan detachment named after Shchors. His platoon successfully acted before the arrival of units of the Red Army. In July 1944, B.F. Kalach, as part of a sabotage group, was again sent to the rear of the enemy. In November, the patriot was wounded and sent to the hospital, from where he left in May 1945. May 2, 1945, Boris Filippovich Kalach was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union. In the post-war years, he graduated from the Pedagogical Institute and worked as the director of secondary school No. 2 in Gomel. In addition to professional activities, Boris Kalach conducted active public work. Repeatedly elected to the Council of Workers' Deputies. Kalach was a real, people's deputy, did everything he could for his voters. Everyone who knew Boris Filippovich noted his invariably sincere, unusually warm attitude towards people.

Awards: Medal of Lenin, World War 1 degree, Red Star, Order "For Service to the Motherland" 3rd degree (Republic of Belarus), medals, including "Golden Star," foreign awards. Honorary citizen of the city of Medzilaborce (Slovakia).

Memorial plaques are installed on the building of school No. 2, in which B.F. Kalach worked and on the house in which he lived in Gomel.