Belarusian government approves environmental protection program until 2025

The Belarusian government has approved the state program "Environmental Protection and Sustainable Use of Natural Resources" for 2021-2025. The Council of Ministers issued resolution No.99 of 19 February 2021, BelTA learned from the national legal internet portal. 

"Belarus has preserved the unique natural environment for a full life and multifaceted activities of people. Belarus ranks 49th out of 180 countries in the Environmental Performance Index," the document says. 

The program aims to provide environmentally friendly conditions, environmental protection, conservation and sustainable use of natural resources. It includes six subprograms on hydrometeorology, management of persistent organic pollutants, preservation of biological and landscape diversity, environmental monitoring and protection and on mineral resources.

In the next five years measures will be taken to build up  the mineral and raw materials base, to assimilate advanced technologies of hydrometeorological observations, to mitigate the impact on the climate and adapt to climate changes, preserve and restore eco-systems, and to ensure the rational management of natural resources. Plans are in place to study the underground hydrosphere, to search for and explore fresh and mineral groundwater for the needs of the population, to improve the system of management of hydrometeorological activities and the system of quality management, and hone the skills of employees. The state program also provides for the development of plans on the management of the Neman and Western Dvina basins, and the maintenance of a registry of protected natural areas of Belarus.

More than Br385 million will be earmarked to finance the program.

The resolution comes into force after the official publication and applies to the relations that arose as from 1 January 2021.