Belorusneft: the charging network created by the end of the year will allow servicing up to 15 thousand electric cars

The charging network created in Belarus by the end of the year will allow servicing up to 15 thousand electric cars. This was announced by Anatoly Kotlyarov, head of the group for the prospective development of new energy technologies of the Belorusneft production Association, at a briefing, BelTA has learned.

Belorusneft IS the state operator for the development of a network of electric charging stations under the Malanka brand. According to Anatoly Kotlyarov, currently there are 280 charging stations in the Republic, and by the end of the year their number will increase to 400. "This network will allow servicing up to 15 thousand electric vehicles. So far, about 1.5 thousand electric cars have been registered in Belarus, " he said. By 2022, the number of charging stations will exceed 600.

There is a clear trend towards the development of electric transport all over the world, and Belarus is no exception. "At the state level, they adopt decrees, develop programs and measures to stimulate the development of this area. After the incentive measures that came into force in June this year, the number of electric vehicles imported to Belarus has significantly increased. If from January to June 15, 396 such cars were delivered to the country, then only in the next two months - 400. In fact, the six-month supply rate has been exceeded, " Anatoly Kotlyarov said.

The project to create a network of electric filling stations Malanka of RUE Belorusneft is being implemented systematically. Currently, two types of stations - Mode 3 and Mode 4-are being operated and installed in the ESZ network. Charging time on EZ Mode 3 - 6-8 hours, EZ Mode 4 for 15-30 minutes. provides 80% of the battery charge.