Gomelsteklo increased export deliveries in January-September by 9%

The growth rate of export deliveries of JSC Gomelsteklo products in January-September this year was 109% compared to the same period in 2019, Deputy General Director for ideological work and personnel Alla Belenok told BelTA.

Despite the situation related to the pandemic, the company did not stop production and was able to form a stock of products, which were offered to foreign partners as soon as they lifted restrictions on quarantine measures. "In January-September, the production volume was almost 25 million square meters of glass. About 22 million square meters were sent to foreign markets, the growth rate by 9 months of last year was 109%, " the Deputy General Director noted. In monetary terms, this indicator has not yet reached last year's level, as glass prices on the world market this year are lower than in 2019.

In the structure of exports, more than a third is accounted for in Ukraine, about a quarter of products are shipped to Russia, and another 20% - to Poland and the Baltic States.

Deputy General Director for production Vladimir Voronov added that the company plans to develop new markets. For example, this year the first shipments of Gomel glass products were sent to Hungary and Romania. "Where the best price is, we will sell there. We will increase production volumes. The target for the next year is 40 million square meters of glass. There is a demand for products. The most popular items are polished glass and coated glass, " Vladimir Voronov said.

They also work at the enterprise to reduce costs in different directions. "The main thing is the reduction in raw material prices. We work with suppliers. For some raw ingredients, the price has already been reduced from 8% to 20%. This topic is very important, especially given the decline in glass prices in the world," Alla Belenok said.

Today "Gomelsteklo" operates normally, in some areas - around the clock. "Despite certain difficulties caused by the epidemiological situation in the world, we managed to maintain the level of wages, all social benefits, social package in full," said the Deputy General Director for ideological work and personnel.

JSC Gomelsteklo was established in 1994 on the basis of the Gomel glass factory named after M. V. Lomonosov. This is a state-of-the-art enterprise with highly qualified personnel. The total number of employees is 1,860.