"Gomselmash" starts supplying GS12A1 combines to Armenia

Gomselmash made the first deliveries of GS12A1 combine harvesters to Armenia, BelTA informs referring to the enterprise's website.

Combine harvester GS12A1 is a modification of the GS12 combine of a higher technical and design level. High performance is achieved with a 330 hp engine. Two such machines are successfully operating in the grain fields of Armenia. As the company stressed, the equipment was made taking into account the wishes of the Armenian agrarians.

Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Armenia Vilen Avetisyan and head of the inspection of agricultural machinery of the Ministry of Agriculture Anania Soghomonyan visited grain fields in Martakert region, where Gomselmash harvesters harvest. "Anania Soghomonyan noted that the harvester corresponds to the best analogues of world manufacturers in its class. In Armenia, many farmers consider it more expedient to use Belarusian agricultural machinery. They have worked with it for many years, it is closer to them," the company said.

Gomselmash actively supports and develops export-oriented policy. So, recently another batch of machine sets of the GS12A1 (ESSIL KZS-760) combine harvester was sent to the assembly plant in Kazakhstan.

As the company clarified, currently more than 30% of grain harvesters in the fields of Kazakhstan are machines of Kazakh-Belarusian production: GS5A (ESSIL KZS-730), GS10 (ESSIL KZS-740), GS12 (ESSIL KZS-750) and GS12A1 ( ESSIL KZS-760). At present, the rate of growth in equipment shipments is higher than last year. In the first half of 2020, more than 300 vehicles were shipped.

Gomselmash and AgromashHolding KZ have been jointly assembling grain harvesters under the ESSIL brand in Kazakhstan since 2007. AgromashHolding KZ produces a range of grain harvesters from 5 to 12 kg / s, setting up its own service throughout the country.

Gomselmash Holding is one of the largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery, one of the leaders in the world market for combines and other complex agricultural machines. The enterprise produces model lines of grain and forage harvesters, corn and potato harvesters, mowers and other agricultural machinery. Combines work in the fields of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Argentina, Brazil, China, Republic of Korea, Baltic countries. The company has a wide distribution network, joint ventures and assembly plants.