Vaccination against COVID-19 in Belarus may start in 2021

Vaccination of the Russian development "Sputnik V" from COVID-19 in Belarus can begin in 2021, 1.8 million people can get vaccinated. This was stated by the Deputy Minister of health-chief state sanitary doctor Alexander Tarasenko, BelTA reports.

"In principle, such a decision is already available - tentatively, for 2021. Of course, first of all, medical workers, teachers, security forces will be subject to vaccination," said Alexander Tarasenko.

While the Ministry of health does not specify how many people will receive the vaccine. "But I would like this figure to be at least 1.8 million and even 2 million, so that an immune layer is created," the chief medical doctor explained.

The Sputnik V vaccine is still being tested in Belarus. "When they are completed, then it will be safe to say-successfully (they passed. - Primas'. BelTA) or there are some questions. So far, there have been no problems among the population that received the vaccine. They feel normal, " added Alexander Tarasenko. Final conclusions about the use of the vaccine will be made after all tests.