Works begin at Belarus' biggest sand quarry

Rechitsaneft Oil and Gas Production Department has embarked on developing the Davydovka-1 sand quarry located near the settlement of Sosnovy Bor, Svetlogorsk District. This field is the largest of all the fields developed by the company, BelTA learned from the press service of Belorusneft.

The area of the land plot under development exceeds 20 hectares. The reserves are estimated at 1,626,570 cubic meters.

According to Aleksandr Nesterchuk, Deputy Head of the Design and Topographic Surveying Department at Rechitsaneft Oil and Gas Production Department, the Davydovka-1 quarry is expected to last for 10 years. “The quality of the sand is unmatched. It contains inclusions of gravel, which makes it a perfect material for the construction of roads and well sites,” he said.

The maximum productivity of the quarry is 200,000 cubic meters per year, Aleksandr Nesterchuk said. “Two excavators are involved in the main works, a bulldozer and a loader are used in auxiliary works. For the first time, an electronic weight system is used to dispense sand, electronic invoices are issued. All this makes accounting for minerals very accurate and efficient,” he added.

At present, Demekhi-2, Novinki, Davydovka-1 quarries are under development by Rechitsaneft Oil and Gas Production Department. Sand is used to prepare sites for the construction of wells and the construction of roads for the enterprise.


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