Gomeloboi launched an upgraded gas cleaning plant

After modernization, the Gomeloboi branch of CBK-consult launched a gas cleaning plant on the vinyl Wallpaper production line. This was reported to journalists by the company's chief engineer Dmitry Sergeev, BelTA reports.

The gas-cleaning plasma-catalytic unit was purchased at the end of December 2019 to reduce atmospheric emissions. It consists of four parts: the modules of the ionization deposition, plasma destruction and the final catalytic oxidation.

During commissioning, the equipment has shown its effectiveness. However, during operation, according to experts, they revealed nuances that initially could not be taken into account when drawing up the technical task.

The specialists of the manufacturer OOO "NPP Amstrad" (Russia) modernized installation for a specific production. At the end of August, the equipment was delivered to Gomel. "Modernization has affected the installation body for greater sealing, increased the capacity of ionization, deposition and other modules. For better condensate selection, the bottom of the case was modified. In addition, a visualization panel has been added that reflects production processes and parameters: temperature, humidity, and others," said the company's chief engineer.

Recently, this type of equipment has been delivered to the Pinsk experimental mechanical plant, one of the facilities in Veliky Kamen, the Novopolotsk oil refinery, and the polyprint printing factory in Logoisk.

As reported, production on the vinyl Wallpaper line was suspended. Residents of Gomel expressed their concern about air emissions during the "Your question to the President"campaign held by BelTA in 2019. This issue is put under the control of the head of state. The topic was studied in detail at the regional level, and a plan of technical and technological measures was developed and implemented. Some of the identified issues were resolved quickly. So, a set of measures was implemented to eliminate the smell that bothers local residents, protective screens were installed at the workplaces of the stencil line, and eco-friendly materials were purchased. The purchase of a gas treatment plant has become one of the most important points.

Specialists periodically make measurements of emissions both at the source (gas treatment plant) and in the sanitary protection zone adjacent to the territory of the enterprise. This work, assured the regional Committee of natural resources and environmental protection, is under constant control. Methods are also being developed to study emissions for a wider range of substances. As previously reported, the factory management attracted the Minsk and St. Petersburg laboratories. According to the issued conclusions, the administration commented, no excess of vinyl chloride was detected.

The main goal of the investment project for the production of vinyl Wallpaper at the enterprise is to produce a full range of products from budget options to premium class. It was assumed that when the installed equipment reaches full capacity, the profitability will be about 15-20%.

On "Gomeloboi" monthly release 310 thousand aurorasnow paper Wallpaper and 225 thousand aurorasnow vinyl. The range of vinyl products includes more than 100 drawings. The design center is working on updating products. On average, more than 10 new drawings are developed every month. In September, they plan to add 20: in fact, one every day. The company is increasing production, working in three shifts. In the future, it is planned to switch to round-the-clock operation.